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Part II: Current Research on Lipoproteins

  As one’s muscle contracts during exercise, it induces cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) gene expression locally in contracting skeletal muscles. Likewise, an exercising limb releases high amounts of IL-6 into the blood. In fact, IL-6 levels increase dramatically (≤100-fold) in response to exercise [7].  
  The IL-6 that is produced passes through the bloodstream and eventually binds to its receptor on hepatocytes.   
  IL-6 binding induces the LDLR gene by acting on its promoter site; thus, further enhancing the binding of nuclear proteins to their cognate DNA sequence of the LDLR promoter (not shown). In turn, stimulating LDLR transcription [9].   


  Consequently, the LDLR activity on the surface of liver cells is enhanced, leading to an increased uptake of LDL from the circulation [9].   
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